Just made a big boy decision today.


After getting my virgin crypto cherry popped by the cluster fuck that is dogecoin I finaly decided to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time… get all of my money OUT OF DOGECOIN! after hearing about the historical set of laws passed by El salvador today I decided to put a good portion of my crypto into bitcoin and spread the rest of my funds around on other various coins I’ve done some research on. If I have anything to thank Elon for regarding his little scam I have to say thank you Mr musk for getting me into crypto in the first place because without your dumbass set of midnight tweets I would never have relised how much I love trading and how much I enjoy the community around it. I’ve finaly made it from a scared little HODLER to a day trader. While I still only know about 10% of how all this works I must say it’s been one of the most interesting and educating years financially and personaly that I have ever had. Thanks to all of you for answering all of my stupid, silly or overall just common sense questions and I hope to one day make a nice chunk of change of crypto, and if not at least I had fun along the way!!!

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