This works out to a total of € 535,000 granted to the IOTA Stiftung by the EU Community Research and Development Information Service for their SECANT platform which has the goal of “improving the readiness and resilience of the organizations against the crippling modern cyber-threats, increasing the privacy, data protection and accountability across the entire interconnected ICT ecosystem, and reducing the costs for security training in the European market”

This is separate from the EU’s involvement with iota on Ensuresec or CityxChange.

You may have noticed that a lot of the EU government’s language on crypto is switching away from using the word “blockchain” and is switching to ” electronic ledger”, and this is why. The second largest superpower on the planet(by GDP) is starting to see how we can move past the blockchain age, and into the future of distributed ledgers.

I never thought I’d see the day that world governments would get this involved with cryptocurrency, so thanks to all the many thousands upon thousands of people who worked so hard to get crypto to be acknowledged as a technology that offers real solutions to massive infrastructure problems, and not just a way to buy drugs and meme it up. This string of governments legitimizing cryptocurrencies couldn’t have happened without people like you. Thank you

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