Whatever you think of El Salvador, isn’t it great that people have now got the option to subvert companies like Western Union?

Nowadays western union is fast. I sent lots of times money to Brazil and it is instantaneous, is my go to option after crypto. The only downside is having to get the money in cash and having to go physically to do it, and your counterpart also receives cash. Rates are the lowest among the other non crypto alternatives (change money or using an international transfer). But now is easier to send through crypto, only problem is that if I need to send money to my mother-in-law, she doesn’t understand a thing and process is the same because I need another person involved, and crypto exchanges rates are no great right now. So you still pay a tax to convert to fiat. In my opinion the worst in this business are banks, you can send a swift international transfer but their rates are ridiculous (even higher than going to a money exchange) and is super slow. It’s so ridiculous they even stablish the exchange rate when the transaction is done, not even when is requested, they just give you and estimation, so we as clients have to pay their systems flaws 🤷

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