If you’ve been around crypto for a while, you probably had a good return on your investment. You know the feeling of doubling your money and some of you might know the feeling of seeing that initial investment 5x.

I’m a dude in his tirthies. Before getting involved in crypto I invested in S&P 500 stocks and I was so hyped to get those 10% yearly returns!

You can imagine the euphoria I felt when my initial investment in crypto doubled IN A MONTH. At a point, it 5X’d before that dip. The best feeling ever, since I could literaly pay the remining of my mortgage with that sum.

I got a bit greedy and put more money into it before the last 50% dip. You know what? I take that as a costly lesson.

I withdraw 2x of my initial investment to put on my mortgage and I’ll hodl the remaining for my retirement.

What I want to say is I let the euphoria turn into greed, event when I attained my goal. That feeling is exiting and you kind of think it will go on forever, but reality will slap back soon or later. So just a reminder to take profit sometimes.

Other than that, I’ll HODL ON FOR THE YEARS TO COME! I see that investment as an opportunity to gain financial freedom one day, but the journey with you guys is awesome.

Thanks for the read, fellow redditors!

By steven

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